Saturday, June 03, 2006,12:56 PM
Ζώντας στη χώρα της αντιγραφής

Λυπάμαι που στη συνέχεια θα ακολουθήσει κείμενο στα αγγλικά, αλλά ζώντας στη χώρα της απόλυτης αντιγραφής, όπου υπάρχει και φιλανδική αντιγραφή του Ντόναλντ Ντακ, κάποιος ‘κύριος’ που υπήρξε κριτής της φιλανδικής μίμησης του επιτυχημένου αμερικάνικου “Idols” αποφάσισε να επεκτείνει τις αντιγραφικές του δραστηριότητες ανακοινώνοντας ότι τον Οκτώβριο εκδίδει περιοδικό με το όνομα Ovi magazine, Το Ovi magazine είναι το πιο πετυχημένο e-zine στη Φιλανδία με μόνους ανταγωνιστές, παρ’ολο μηνιαίο, τις καθημερινές εφημερίδες.

Επειδή ο ‘κύριος΄ φαντάζεται ότι είμαστε παιδάκια, ξένοι που οι Φιλανδοί τους έχουν γραμμένους με τη θεωρία ποια δύναμη έχουν τώρα οι ξένοι... και αδιαφορεί για την δύναμη του internet σας καλούμε αν θέλετε και συμφωνείτε με το στιλ του Ovi magazine, να αναδημοσιεύσετε την ανακοίνωση στα blogs και sites σας.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Ovi magazine is so popular that Jone Nikula (former Finnish Idols judge) is using the same name on his forthcoming new free magazine.

Whether Jone was influenced by Thanos Kalamidas and Asa Butcher's Ovi was not mentioned in their Press Release (, but he will certainly become aware of the fact over the next few months.

The original Ovi has been an online magazine for 14 months, has published 14 issues and the name has become synonymous with our style. According to international web measurements, Ovi magazine, the only e-zine from Finland, outranks many Finnish monthly and daily magazines, in Finnish or English. In addition, we have been presenting a weekly radio show under the name 'Ovi Bad Boys' for nearly four months. The show name is announced every week in the Helsinki Sanomat radio programme section and we talk about Ovi magazine, interview guests and promote events for the foreign community.

After all the expense and effort they have done and will do, they will find that they are coming second and advertising another magazine that might not be their style! From our side, the only thing we have to do is remind them that there are European laws protecting copycats and fourteen months of successful history gives us a good advantage.

We will be sending this mail to all the media (including Ovi magazine network of blogs, forums and sites) nationally and internationally to ensure that people know that this free magazine has nothing to do with us.

If Jone Nikula or anybody connected with this Ovi impostor wishes to contact the original Ovi, please email

Open the original

We cover every issue!

P.S. We would like to thank all our readers from the media companies who informed us straight away about this Press Release and we would also like to thank them for their support; it doesn’t matter if they did it anonymously or not. We think you should have informed Mr. Nikula as well, even though we are sure in a country where the Internet is so popular, Mr. Nikula’s associates were definitely informed and knew very well what they were doing.

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